Equipment Rentals

Lambda Hot Gears™

Salamati Productions has designed one of the industry's best and most popular remote head options. Built around the imensely popular Cartoni Lambda fluid head and the Hot Gears™, this wheels driven system is a 2 axis, digitally precise motion control ready system with full repeatability.

MacBook Pro 15″

The new 15- inch models bring quad-core power to almost everything you do.

Mac Pro Tower

The new Mac Pro offers two advanced processor options from Intel. The Quad-Core Intel Xeon “Nehalem” processor

23 Inch Apple Cinema HD Display

The widescreen design of Apple Cinema Displays offers a natural format for arranging documents the way your brain processes them: side-by-side and left to right.

MDR2 + HU3 – G4 – 3 Motor w/Zoom Preston Wireless Focus

The FI+Z3 is a 3-channel lens and camera control system. This latest version of an industry classic brings together robust construction, high precision and intuitive operation. The system can control both lens functions (focus, iris, and zoom) as well as camera functions (speed, shutter angle, and VTR).

MDR4 ~ 2 Channel Wireless by Preston Cinema

MDR4 - 2 Channel Wireless MDR by Preston Cinema

Focus/Iris Single Channel G4 Handset

Focus/Iris Single Channel Hand Unit