6″ CineMonitor HD X-SBL Advanced™ by Transvideo

General Info

CineMonitor HD X-SBL
2000 Nits (for 6″) anti glare bonded screen including gyrostabilized VirtualHorizon2

3G HD/SD SDI, HDMI, analog, YPrPb/RGB
Lemo 8pins connector
1.5kg/3.3lbs, well balanced
Ergonomics, cables run down
User framelines
Tally through Lemo 8pins, GPI or SDI REC trigger
AvengerLeveler (the original VirtualHorizon)
And more…

Creatively Connected
The CineMonitorHD Evolution features unique tools, such as the LensReaderª, that reads and displays in real time the lens metadata of /i and LDS lenses. It also includes a Cine Tape Measure communication to display in real time the measured distance.

~VirtualHorizon Lineup~
The AvengerLeveler™ (the original VirtualHorizon™) is a color coded electronic leveler with several renditions, adjustable sensitivity and direction.
This unprecedented precision tool for the Steadicam world allowed shots with amazing stability since the early 2000s. The leveler is driven by a built-in sensor or an external sensor (such as the Betz external bubble level).
The optional VirtualHorizon2™ is gyrostabilized, featuring compensation of acceleration and shocks for further more stability.
The optional VirtualHorizon3™ features the same stability of VirtualHorizon2™, plus the freedom of wireless. It transmits via Bluetooth to the monitor – visualization on-screen.

~Markers and user framelines~
Markers include 1.33:1 (4:3), 1.56:1 (14/9) and 1.78:1 (16/9) aspect ratios as well as a safe area (TV safe).
1 user-adjustable cross and 3 user-adjustable framelines (9 colors, solid line, dots, dashes, corners), with or without crosshair, with or without matting (4 solid colors + 4 shades of see-through greys).


~Color / Log profiles~
CineMonitorHD Evolution can be set in 2 operating modes either for outdoor viewing (Full Bright mode) or color monitoring (Calibrated mode). Each monitor is individually color calibrated following D65 ITU-R BT.709-5 as well as D56.
The gamma response of the monitor may be adjusted according to the most common log correction: linear, Rec. 709, Canon-Log, C-Log, S-Log, S-Log2.

~Display adjustments~
The monitor can be set in color, black & white and green modes; 1.33:1, 1.78:1, 2.40:1 and 3.20:1 aspect ratios. It also features anamorphic desqueeze 1.3x and 2x modes.
Horizontal and/or vertical flips can be applied to the picture. Reverse and auto-reverse modes allow to use the monitor upside down.
Basic adjustments include brightness, contrast, saturation and hue, as well as blue check mode for color calibration.

~Power & FuelReader~
The input power voltage range is extremely wide from 11 to 36v DC, protected against reverse polarity and featuring a galvanic insulation.
The FuelReader™ displays the input voltage and an alert when voltage goes too low. It can be connected with the fuel computer of Logic Series Digital batteries from Anton-Bauer, giving to the user the remaining percentage and time to run.

HDMI input
480i / 576i / 480p / 576p
720p / 1080i / 1080psf / 1080p
HD/SD SDI input + Reclocked out
SD 525 / 625
720p / 1080i / 1080psf / 1080p
CVBS + Loop
Power in / XLR4
11 – 36 VDC w.
Tally out & USB
11 – 36 VDC w. galvanic insulation
Remote connectors
RS232 / Sub-D9 F
RS232 & RS422 / HR25
GPI / Sub-D9 M ACCessory / Lemo8
Multi YPrPb / RGB / CVBS
Tally / Power in / Power out
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