Yamaha Audio Mixer 10/2

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Yamaha MG10/2 Audio Mixer

If ever a mixer deserved to be called “small but perfectly formed”, it’s the Yamaha MG 10/2 that earned the title. Despite its ultra-compact size and very affordable price tag, the MG 10/2 comes with the same professional pedigree as all Yamaha mixers, and it packed with enough features to handle a surprisingly wide range of mixing tasks.

Recognizing the strong growth potential that exists in the small to mid-sized sound reinforcement market, Yamaha launches the new MG series of analog mixers to cover multiple applications, including PA, project studio, classroom, house of worship, personal monitoring and sub-mixing uses. The six models cover a broad range of sizes and great features for absolutely low prices.4 Mic inputs Mic / Line / Switchable High Pass Filter
High-quality, Low Noise mic pre-amp inputs
Balanced / Unbalanced
4 Stereo inputs Line
3-Band EQ on all input channels
Post fade Aux Send on all inputs
Switchable +48v phantom mic power
Separate mix & monitor outputs
Headphone output
2-Track Tape Return
2 Aux Sends (Pre and Post Fade) Effects send & Stereo Aux Return
Compact lightweight design

Small PA Setups: Bars, Schools, Houses of Worship etc Personal Practice Mixing DJ Mixing: Sub-Mixing Location Mixing Video Post Production Multimedia: Home Studios 10 inputs.

An ideal companion to your Dan-Sound/School audio equipment, especially for those Christmas productions and school plays.

With the following features, it is priced competitively at £130.30 +VAT

10 Input Channels
The MG10/2 features a total of 10 input channels: two mono microphone/line inputs and four stereo line inputs, two of which offer mono microphone input capability.

Four Low-noise, High-precision Mic. Preamps
The microphone preamps provided on the two mono channels and two of the four stereo channels would be worth the price of the entire mixer if packaged separately. These are high-performance head amplifiers that will bring out the best in any dynamic or condenser microphone.

Phantom Power
So you can take advantage of the superior sonic quality of professional-class studio condenser microphones, all four of the MG10/2’s high-performance mic preamps feature switchable phantom power. A single switch turns phantom power on or off for all four channels.

Insert I/O
Mono input channels feature insert I/O patch points so you can add compressors, EQ, or other extra signal-processing to the channels as required.

3-band Channel EQ & HPF
Designed for smooth, “musical” response, the 3-band equalizers provided on all input channels are one more sonic tool you can use to create clean, professional mixes. All mono microphone input channels also feature a switchable high-pass filter that can be used to cut out unwanted low-frequency noise.

Two Aux Sends & Stereo Aux Return
The MG10/2 is also full equipped to handle external effects and monitor systems. Use the post-fader auxiliary sends in conjunction with the stereo auxiliary returns to add reverb, delay, or other external effects to the mix, and the pre-fader sends to feed a separate mix to your monitor system.


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