Remote Heads

Wireless Lambda Hot Gears

LAMBDA HOT GEARS goes Wireless

Hot Gears™

Hot Gears™ is an award-winning 2 axis microprocessor controlled remote camera controller system that can be easily attached to ARRIHEAD I & II , PANAVISION’s PANAHEAD and SUPER PANAHEAD.

Lambda Hot Gears™

Salamati Productions has designed one of the industry's best and most popular remote head options. Built around the imensely popular Cartoni Lambda fluid head and the Hot Gears™, this wheels driven system is a 2 axis, digitally precise motion control ready system with full repeatability.

Cartoni Lambda Head

Lambda Head by Cartoni A NODAL SWING HEAD ideally suited for fully equipped 35mm film cameras provides a high level of operational flexibility, the LAMBDA can be easily fitted to a wide range of supports like tripods, dollies, cranes and camera cars.

Arri Gear Head

The ARRI GEAR HEAD MKI is the workhorse of the Arri Gear Head Line.