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TB-6 Smart Monitor with Duo Digital Frameliner
The industry standard.

Over the past 12 plus years the TB-6 has gone through dozens of upgrades and changes for the times although the name has remained the same. When it comes to performance CRT monitors out perform LCD, TFT, OLED every time. CRT’s have sharper images, wider angle of view, more selectable user functions, lower power consumption, better daylight viewability and depending on the size of your LCD/TFT, lighter weight. The TB-6 Smart Monitor is so well designed that it has forced all other manufacturers to offer other technologies for their sleds.


* 16 x 9, 6" CRT green screen
* NTSC/PAL auto signal recognition and setup
* Three user selectable channels with built in pattern generator
* Four preset aspect ratio's 1:33, 1.66, 1.85 and 2.40
* On screen text reinforcement of functions
* Image zoom control up & down in aspect ratio
* Separate vertical and horizontal zoom controls
* Monitor standby mode for low power consumption
* Peak image control, Chrominance filter, Tally light
* BNC input/loop through connector
* Vertical and horizontal sweep controls
* 8 pin 1B power and video input connector
* Single or two programmable frame lines in zebra bar or black bar
* Shading outside your single frameline
* Eight pages of programmable frameline storeable settings
* Much more
* TB-6 fits all current sled designs
* Weight 5 lbs
* Dependability is unsurpassed.

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